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  • Garden of Eden Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Garden of Eden Juniper Berry Essential Oil

All of our essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and are never altered or diluted.

Juniper Berry Oil (Juniperus communis) has long been associated with ritual cleansing, making it an ideal oil for aromatherapy collections.  In Egypt, juniper was burned in temples as part of regular purification rites.  In aromatherapy, juniper is renowned as a detoxifier ideal for anti-cellulite and comforting as a chest rub and sore muscle rub.  

Juniper is soothing in a bath after a night of “over doing it”, as it comforts not only the hungover body, but it is especially effective for social exhaustion, caused by being around crowds and/or “draining” people.  Inhale a drop of juniper oil on a cotton ball to soothe stressed nerves.  

Juniper is also antiseptic in nature and in skin care, small concentrations are soothing to acne and chronic weeping eczema and psoriasis.  For dry skin, use juniper in a shea butter base.  For oily skin, use Jojoba Oil.  In all uses, juniper is most effective in moderation for short durations.  

Use and Diffuse Blends:

Hangover Bath – juniper, lavender

Winter Chest Rub – juniper, peppermint, eucalyptus

Anti-Cellulite Lotion – juniper, lavender, cypress, lemon

Aching Muscle Rub – juniper, rosemary

Body Acne – juniper, tea tree

Basic cautions:  Always use essential oils with caution and recognize that these oils are strongly concentrated – a little bit goes a long way.  Do not ingest essential oils or take them internally in any way.  Always use essential oils in a carrier oil or lotion.  Keep all oils out of the reach of children.  When trying a new oil or blend, always do a patch test. 

This is a reference based upon the historical uses of essential oils and is intended to present published information concerning aromatherapy, essential oils and their usage.  It is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.  This is information should not be considered a substitute for consulting a licensed health care professional. 

All of our essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and are never altered or diluted.

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