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Garden of Eden

  • Garden of Eden Clary Sage Essential Oil

Garden of Eden Clary Sage Essential Oil

All of our essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and are never altered or diluted.

“Clary” is derived from the Latin word for clear.  It has a sweet radiant fragrance that grows on you.  It’s been said that Clary Sage (Salvis Sclarea)awakens one’s own intuition and curiosity.  It has a dreamy effect, is renowned to be useful to thoughtful and creative people.  Perfect for diffusing at the easel, notebook or piano – a psychological aphrodisiac. 

Clary Sage is an effective remedy for menstrual discomforts, especially the relief of cramp pain.  Add a few drops of Clary Sage to a carry oil and message into the lower abdomen.  Within a few minutes, pain relief begins.  It’s a great oil for harmonic massage for couples as well.   

Use Clary Sage in the bath for a calming effect.  It mixes well with lavender for the ultimate soothing, peaceful bath experience.  Because Clary Sage is euphoric and inspirational, it makes a great oil for those who are feeling uninspired. 

Use and Diffuse Blends:

Dream Bath – clary sage, lavender, marjoram, vetiver

Inspiration  – clary sage, jasmine

Under the Weather Comfort – cedarwood, rose, ylang ylang

Hot Flash Splash – clary sage, geranium, lemon, sage

Uplifting Massage Oil – clary sage, lavender 

Basic cautions:  Always use essential oils with caution and recognize that these oils are strongly concentrated – a little bit goes a long way.  Do not ingest essential oils or take them internally in any way.  Always use essential oils in a carrier oil or lotion.  Keep all oils out of the reach of children.  When trying a new oil or blend, always do a patch test. 

This is a reference based upon the historical uses of essential oils and is intended to present published information concerning aromatherapy, essential oils and their usage.  It is NOT intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe.  This is information should not be considered a substitute for consulting a licensed health care professional. 

All of our essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and are never altered or diluted.

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