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  • Avigal Henna Copper, 16oz

Avigal Henna Copper, 16oz

AVIGAL HENNA continues to lead and dominate the natural hair coloring environment.  In the early 1970s, new shrubs of the lawsonia plant were discovered and developed, which gave life to different colors and shade gradations.  AVIGAL HENNA took these shrubs and created a whole new look-natural, vibrant highlights for every type of hair.  Now in a handy, resealable bag!

Use on browns, blacks and reds for a rich red copper look.

Ingredients:  100% Blend of Natural Hennas.  Contains no chemicals or food dyes, only                             Pure Henna.

  • copper
  • hair-care
  • hair-color
  • henna

  • $33.95