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  • Olbas Analgesic Salve, Pain Relieving Cream, 1 oz.

Olbas Analgesic Salve, Pain Relieving Cream, 1 oz.

Rub on this soothing cream and you'll feel deep, penetrating relief for minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. Get fast relief due to: arthritis, backache, sore muscles, joint pain and sunburn. The greaseless formula quickly absorbs into the skin, providing warm, long-lasting pain relief. Olbas Analgesic Salve is particularly effective to soothe common backaches, whether due to muscle strain, excess activity or inactivity. Also effective for relief from minor inflammation and discomforts from arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. The soothing vapor action of Olbas Analgesic Salve makes it a marvelous remedy for children's coughs and colds. Simply apply generously to chest area. The natural vapor action helps them breathe better and relieves coughing so they sleep soundly! Ever bothered by painful sunburn pain? Try Olbas Analgesic Salve! It has a wonderful cooling effect on sunburn pain and provides fast relief.

  • analgesic-salve
  • herbal
  • muscle
  • salve

  • $10.95