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  • Magno Beauty Soap, 125 gm

Magno Beauty Soap, 125 gm

Black soap? It's only the first intriguing aspect of this classic brand. This lanolin and glycerin soap was created in the 1950's using salts and minerals from the fabled therapeutic hot springs of La Toja in Galicia. This legendary jet-black soap produces a dense white lather that foams in hard and soft water -- even in sea water! The iron oxide slightly darkens the soap while leaving it in a crystalline state, which creates an illusion of total blackness. The fragrance is based on the fleur-de-lis; it leaves your skin soft and firm. As you lather in the shower, the unique Magno scent, with a personality of its own, fills your room with a lingering fragrance.

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  • glycerin
  • lanolin
  • minerals
  • salts
  • therapeutic

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