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  • "Vic" Cloth Exfoliating Washing Square

"Vic" Cloth Exfoliating Washing Square

Have you always envied the peaches-and-cream complexion of lasses? The secret is their VIC washcloths, woven in England since the 1800s. The slightly rough texture serves to smooth your complexion, revving up circulation and sloughing off dull skin to leave you glowing like the white cliffs of Dover at sunset.  Cleans deeply, leaving your face feeling cleaner than ever before. Textured wash cloth improves circulation and skin tone for more youthful-looking skin.12"x16". Fabric imported, finished in USA. 100% cotton.

  • bath
  • body
  • cleansing
  • complexion
  • face
  • skin-care

  • $11.95